Sterling Silver Enameled Cow Bell Charm
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Sterling Silver Enameled Cow Bell Charm


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This is a great looking Sterling Silver Enameled Cow Bell Works Charm,  measuring approx. 1/2" X 1/2", and is STERLING SILVER.   PLEASE NOTE:  Photos constitute part of the description.  Neat Charm!

Please remember that anything handmade is not perfect. There may be some flaws, mostly from manufacture, and possibly from age. I will try to note anything that I see as a major flaw.

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Please NOTE, I do not clean any of the jewelry as some collectors prefer to leave the original patina on the piece.

Coin Silver is used a lot in the making of jewelry, especially Native American pieces.    Coin Silver is 900 parts to 1000, ie 900/1000 pure silver, whereas Sterling Silver is 925 parts to 1000, ie 925/1000 pure silver. Thanks for checking out Sterling Keeper at, and please checkout our other site on Ecrater at These Old Things,, Thanks!