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This photo of Abie was taken in Krakow, Poland, summer of 2010. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket This photo was taken inside Auschwitz, and Abie is pointing at a list of names, including his own family name! Photobucket This is a memorial in the Jewish section of old Krakow, not really, because they had to live over the river from the old town, brass chairs were erected to honor those who carried their belongings to get on the trains for Auschwitz / Birkenhau, PhotobucketThis is a photo of the main bridge in Cologne Germany where couples lock their love, we did ours! PhotobucketCologne Cathedral PhotobucketInside one of the nooks of Cologne Cathedral, PhotobucketAbie inside Cologne Cathedral PhotobucketThe Stained Glass inside the Cathedral was just incredible! It was not bombed during WWII because it was used as a reference point by the allies! PhotobucketOutside Cologne Cathedral, PhotobucketAnother view outside the Cathedral, PhotobucketUs at an outside restaurant in Cologne, Germany, oops, I think it might have been the ice cream place, which we went to several times, LOL PhotobucketAbie's about to say something, PhotobucketA Dutch train station, probably Amsterdam or nearby, PhotobucketUnbelievable number of bikes, thousands upon thousands, parked near the Bahnhof (Train Station) in downtown Amsterdam, PhotobucketA room inside the Dutch royal palace, which just finished being repaired, PhotobucketAn incredible marble of the world inlaid into a floor in the Dutch Royal Palace in Amsterda PhotobucketAnyone for a carriage ride in downtown Amsterdam? PhotobucketSome Dutch houses along one of the many canals in Amsterdam, PhotobucketWe missed by one day, the Amsterdam Pride Parade, Photobucketand of course, we had to stop at a diamond cutters shop, free tour of course, while in Amsterdam, PhotobucketSome vintage items for cutting diamonds and other things at the diamond cutters, PhotobucketA diamond cutter in Amsterdam, PhotobucketStreet performers in downtown Amsterdam, PhotobucketMore Street Performers in Amsterdam, these were from Spain, PhotobucketMadame Toussauds in Amsterdam, PhotobucketRijjsMuseum (I know I spelled that wrong) where lots and lots of Rembrandts are kept! PhotobucketBack of Abies head as we are standing at the gate to Auschwitz, Poland PhotobucketThis is us and our driver outside Auschwitz, PhotobucketInside a grocery store in Krakow, Poland PhotobucketAbie standing beside the symbol of the grocery store, a bull, Krakow, Poland, PhotobucketInside a Greco-Roman museum close to the Cologne Cathedral, PhotobucketAbie loves tigers and we found this inlaid mosaic of a tiger inside the Greco-Roman museum, PhotobucketAmazing amount of glassware and pottery from Italy in a Cologne museum, PhotobucketA collection of antique Roman rings in the Greco Roman museum, PhotobucketA fabulous collection of Greco-Roman glassware in various designs and forms, Photobucket PhotobucketThe halls of artifacts just goes on and on and on, PhotobucketMost of these bust are of Roman Emperors and span hundreds of years of Roman history, Photobucket PhotobucketGreco Roman jewelry, lots of gold, PhotobucketWonderful cameos and other items from ancient Greek and Rome, PhotobucketFabulous bowl from the Greco Roman Museum in Kologne, Photobucketmore beautiful glassware, Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket PhotobucketRoman Cameo, I hope people don't get bored looking at these items, I found them breathtaking, PhotobucketGreco Roman Crowns Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket PhotobucketAbie's amazed! Photobucket Photobucket PhotobucketAbie outside our hotel in Krakow, Poland, Photobucket Photobucket Signing our marriage document, in California on October 28, 2008 Photobucket we were married by a Judge, in Lake Tahoe, Ca., Photobucket Photobucket putting our signatures to our Ketubah made by a friend of ours in Israel, Photobucket well that does it, now we just have to live it!